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    Celebrate Achievements with Congratulatory Gifts

    It's always nice to be recognized for a job well done, and what better way to show your appreciation than with a congratulatory gift

    We have various gift baskets that would make perfect congratulatory gifts for someone who has just been promoted. Whether it’s a promotion gift for him or her, we can provide gift baskets to show them you’re happy for their success.

    Promotion gifts for her

    Celebrate her success by giving her this Champagne and Roses Gift Basket. It comes with two glasses so you can have a toast to mark this important milestone. 

    You have the option to include gourmet chocolate truffles and high-quality chocolate bars in the basket in addition to the dozen roses meant to make her feel really special. The chocolates would also pair nicely with the champagne.

    Promotion gifts for him

    This six-pack root beer in a cool wooden beer caddy is a nice congratulatory gift for someone who has risen to a new position. It is tasteful and appropriate to the occasion and perhaps something he can keep in his office whenever he wants a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.  

    You can choose to pair this gift with a snack or food gift box for a more thoughtful touch. 

    Promotion gifts for anyone

    Another option for a congratulatory gift is this Coffee Break Gift Basket. This is a perfect promotion gift for anyone since most people love coffee and take frequent coffee breaks at work. 

    This gift basket is spectacular because apart from the gourmet coffee, it also includes two ceramic mugs, tea, hot chocolate, and chocolate bars. It’s a very thoughtfully put-together package and will surely be a treat to anyone who receives it. 

    Make a festive occasion out of a loved one’s or colleague’s promotion. Pick the best congratulatory gift today for someone who has achieved a milestone and celebrate together.