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    I ordered a gift basket on a Thursday, and it was delivered to my son the next day in Seattle. Heartwarming Treasures offered several wonderful baskets, and it was hard to choose. We wanted to congratulate my son for a new job he was really hoping for. He went through multiple interviews, and was finally hired by a great team of people he’s looking forward to working with. This was a long job-hunting process, and we wanted to say “Well done!” with something local and delicious, including a bottle of champagne. We’ll zoom this weekend, and all raise a glass from places across the country to show how proud the family is of him.
    -Linda G.

    "Heartwarming Treasures,
    As always you did a great job with my order. In this day and age when customer service is at an all-time low its always refreshing to see a business such as yours go the extra mile to provide superior customer service. Your attention to detail in making sure that my order was delivered on time was a huge hit with my client. It made me look good in their eyes. Please keep your high level of service. Your products are awesome and return on investment from your gift basket is pretty good as well. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone."
    - Eddy L., Loan Officer, Mercer Island WA

    "I would like to recommend Heartwarming Treasures. Sadly, the gift I needed to send was for a loved one who is passing soon, terminally ill. Ross was so kind, and listened so well, took the time to help me when I was (am) so bereft to put the perfect 'treasure' together. The beautiful flowers, sumptuous fruit basket and candle arrived today, with thanks, on a Sunday. Within hours of my order. I will come to them again and again, hopefully in happier times x"
    - Laura C.

    "You guys did an amazing job and it is also appreciated that you took the last minute order/for same day delivery. I'm so glad to know you are there and will hang onto your info for future gift options! :)   Thank you again for your top notch customer service, quality gift and lovely presentation!"

    "The feedback from our clients who have received gifts that we have ordered from your site have been over the top!" 
    - Cathie F., Client Relationship Manager

    “Thanks for delivering the stunning bouquet of chocolate tulips. I’ve already been talking to several people in the new office about working together on their upcoming projects…” 
    -Sharon, Insurance Agent, Seattle WA

    "I’ve had the fortune to use Heartwarming Treasures multiple times.  They saved (me) by putting together custom packages based on my clients interests and delivering them all within a 24hr period.  I don’t suggest waiting to the last minute, but if you find yourself in that situation, Heartwarming Treasures is your go-to ally.  Now I do suggest taking Heartwarming Treasures up on their suggested proactive approach to client appreciation, which is uploading your database of key clients & dates, and thoughtfully planing your gift giving in advance.  Fortunately Heartwarming Treasures will make you look good whether you are a planner or a little bit more last minute."
    - Derek W., Real Estate Agent, Renton WA

    "Heartwarming Treasures filled a fairly large and last minute order right before the holidays within just a couple of days. Working with them was a breeze. The prices are extremely fair and the product is exceptional. They are definitely my first choice for specialized gift baskets!"
    - Marshall C., Loan Officer, Kirkland WA

    I continue to give these as closing gifts because every single one of my clients eyes become as big as oranges when I hand it to them. They are beautifully put together and make a statement. Very impressive - the reaction is always one of WOW... These are perfect for what I need them for and really to have that WOW factor.”
    -Bob, Real Estate Agent, Seattle WA

    "Ross and Sue from Heartwarming Treasures have been a pleasure to work with over these last several years for any gifting than I have needed. I have used them to make gifts for hostesses that were custom-made based on certain criteria as well as gifts for my family which collaborated on items that would be perfect for each individual. Not only has the experience been seamless and really easy but the end result has gone beyond my expectations every single time! And they really know how to put things together and help make them beautiful and just right and as a result helps make me look like a great gift giver which I am not and that is why heartwarming treasures is the perfect gift giving partner.  I highly recommend and once you do you will not be disappointed and will wonder why you didn’t call them earlier!" 
    - Celeste P., Independent Cabi Stylist, Shoreline WA

    The gifts I get from Sue are exactly what her company’s name reflects. Building a bond is important in my business. I not only want people to trust me, but I want them to know that I am always thinking of them and their family’s best interest. I appreciate how Sue can go from conceptual idea to final product after a brief talk about my client or prospective Realtor. Ideas seem to just flow out of her. I’m always amazed at the creative gifts she has for my clients”
    -Eric, Mortgage Lender, Seattle WA

    "I recommend Heartwarming Treasures to every business owner I meet. Sue can personalize gifts very easily, making you look like the caring business person you are. Your clients will be talking about the gift they received for weeks, and generate more referrals for your business. All because you took the time to say 'Thank You'.   This service is perfect for people working in Real Estate, Mortgage, and Finance.
    - Chas L., Seattle WA

    "Giving is how I express gratitude and appreciation for those in my life. I recently opened a business when the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl. To celebrate that and to thank my patients for being part of my life, I asked Sue to create gift bags for them that were Seahawks themed and to use local businesses. I was in the first weeks of my practice, so my budget was $150. She created bags with a pack of Skittles and a Seahawks themed candy bar from a local chocolatier. It has been three weeks since I passed them out and patients are still talking about them! She also hand delivered these to my office and completed an order of 30 bags within 24 hours. Thank you, Sue!"
    - Kelly P., Chiropractor, Seattle, WA