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    Labor Day Gifts For Your Employees

    If there’s one thing people love about Labor Day, it’s that the holiday affords them the opportunity to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of life. 

    Everyone deals with the stress of their jobs differently, with some needing more relaxation than others. Your employees deserve a care package for Labor Day because of their hard work. But this kind of gift shouldn’t be half-baked— they need to be extra special, so they’ll know you went the extra mile to brighten their day!

    Awesome Labor Day Gift Ideas

    Need some help with shopping for quality labor day gifts for employees? Here are some of our best recommendations:

    Everyone loves snacking on picnic snacks, which is why the NW Explorer Tray is a perfect gift for someone wanting to go on a break. This collection of goods features smoked salmon, delicious chocolate, a Bavarian Meats Landjaeger, and a box of Partners Crackers, all on a keepsake cutting board!

    A Pizza Night Gift Basket is an excellent token for those who love to spend time at home. It’s also a fantastic Labor Day gift for employees with kids.

    The Pizza Night Gift Basket contains exquisite gourmet ingredients that a family of three can enjoy making alongside one another. There’s quality stuff in this basket your employees will surely love. 

    Good coffee and a pack of delectable snacks are sometimes all a person needs to relax on a good holiday. For this reason, we're recommending the Coffee Break Gift Basket. Many consider coffee a necessity at work, making it a great Labor day gift to give to your employees.

    Employees who receive the Coffee Break Gift Basket will find a mix of bitter and sweet enjoyment in this care package. What’s more, it's topped with a magnificent hand-made bow.

    Looking for more one-of-a-kind basket options, browse Heartwarming Treasures’ offerings.