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    Hello and Welcome to Heartwarming Treasures®,

    Here you’ll find our thoughtful team of entrepreneurs, artists and innovators working together to create gifts as individual as the people who receive them. Inspired by the stories we hear from our customers about the gifts they’ve given and the happiness it brings to others, we believe:

    Small gestures make a difference

    One of our favorite gestures comes from a company who made a commitment to regularly send thank you and other thoughtful gifts to its customers. The small company hoped it could compete with the larger ones in its industry and had big dreams for serving its customers in a meaningful way. So every employee began sending small gifts to welcome new customers, to celebrate birthdays and milestones. Just a few gifts at first, a new order, a small thank you; for a birthday, a special treat. More than say, “thank you for your business”, the gifts included handwritten notes and were designed to be friendly and personable and were given after every order. The gifts were thoughtful and often included add-on items that related to the customers purchase. Customers were delighted with the thank-you gifts and have responded with thank-you notes to the company, repeat orders and referrals. Employees have said how much they’ve enjoyed the customer responses and continue to look for new opportunities to delight their customers.

    It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving

    A doctor called to order a custom baby gift to celebrate the arrival of the patient’s twins, a boy and a girl and asked us to wrap together a thoughtful gift of items for both babies and comforting items for Mom, who had been through a painful delivery. The gift was delivered by us as requested and included the doctor’s personal note.  

    The patient was so touched by the doctor’s thoughtfulness; she brought home-baked cookies for the doctor as her own thank you the next time she visited for an appointment. The doctor was delighted with the gesture and her office filled with the warmth and delicious aroma of the fresh cookies.  The doctor said the home-baked cookies were so thoughtful that she “almost needed to send another gift to say, thank-you for the thank-you (cookies)”.

    We can’t promise that everyone who receives a gift will bake homemade cookies as a thank you, only that every gift from Heartwarming Treasures® will be wrapped with all of the warmth, love, appreciation and thoughtfulness needed to make those occasions unforgettable.

    Every day is an opportunity to surprise and delight

    Each day brings new opportunities to share our gifts and bring joy to others. It may be as simple as sending a gift to surprise and delight someone on an unexpected occasion or say “thank you” and reward your best customers and employees.  Partner with us today to develop an ongoing program that celebrates birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and achievements to strengthen your personal and business relationships and keep you and your business top of mind.

    Contact us at 1.866.332.6904 or sales@heartwarmingtreasures.com 

    “May no gift be too small to give or too humble to receive which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love” ~ L.O. Baird

    Heartwarming Treasures is a registered trademark of Heartwarming Treasures Inc.