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    Comfy and Cozy! 7 Comfort Food Gift Baskets to Give Family, Friends, Co-Workers or Clients

    Comfy and Cozy! 7 Comfort Food Gift Baskets to Give Family, Friends, Co-Workers or Clients

    Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate autumn, enhance indoor gatherings, or enjoy a cozy evening by the fireplace?

     At Heartwarming Treasures®, we've curated a collection of warm and thoughtful gift baskets designed to make gathering with people in the home or workplace more enjoyable and unforgettable. Picture yourself arriving at an event with these delightful gifts in hand, bringing an extra layer of fun and creating memories that will last long after the contents have been savored.

    Elevate Your Autumn Vibes with Our Taste of the NW Coffee Gift Basket

    How fantastic would it be to surprise someone with a thoughtful gift that's perfect for a cool autumn afternoon or evening? Enter our Taste of The NW Coffee Gift Basket, an essential companion for snacking anytime everyone is together. This Northwest gift basket is brimming with a variety of easy to eat sweet and savory treats and artisan coffee. It's the ultimate housewarming gift basket or comfort food gift basket, ideal for sharing with family and friends.

    Gather Around the Table and Discover Our Pizza Night Gift Basket or Pasta Night Gift Basket

    Life is simply better when we’re together. That’s way we offer gourmet gift baskets that make gathering with family and friends to make pizza or pasta easy. Our Pizza Night Gift Basket is tailor-made for pizza makers of all ages. This pizza gift basket boasts a wooden pizza peel, stainless steel pizza pan and cutter, flavorful pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and your choice of toppings to enhance their culinary experience.

    Our Pasta Gift Basket features gourmet pasta meals which are simple and easy to prepare. The pasta gift basket is a quality, reusable ceramic pasta serving bowl. Inside the bowl are samplings of different packages of dried gourmet pasta, fresh parmesan cheese, and jars of pasta sauce. These are great gifts for celebrating birthdays or enjoying an evening preparing a meal with family and friends.

    Enjoy Your Indoor Moments with the Fall Gift Basket or Cozy Snacks Gift Basket

    Looking to send someone a little extra comfort and care?  Consider sending them warm thoughts with these cozy gift baskets packed with warm blankets and delicious treats. Choose from our seasonal Fall Gift Basket complete with autumn flavors, or opt for the Cozy Snacks Gift Basket, both thoughtfully wrapped with cozy blankets. These gift baskets are the epitome of warmth and comfort, making them ideal for sending care packages, enjoying evenings by the fireplace, or making staying in a special occasion.

    Add more warmth with the For the Love of Coffee Gift Basket or the Coffee Break Gift Basket

    How about even more warmth? Delight the artisan coffee lovers you know with coffee gift baskets. The For Love of Coffee Gift Basket is a delight for anyone who loves coffee and includes two bags of artisan coffee and delicious bites of gourmet chocolate. A wonderful warm up for two, The Coffee Break Gift Basket features coffee, cocoa, tea, chocolates and two ceramic coffee mugs. Both of these coffee gift baskets are ideal for showing your appreciation or sending a surprise gift to anyone who loves coffee and chocolate.

    We trust these unique gift ideas will help you savor your gatherings with friends and family. If you're hungry for more indoor gifting inspiration this fall, click here to savor additional ideas and surprises!


    Let’s Chill! 3 Cool Gifts For Relaxing With Family And Friends

    Let’s Chill! 3 Cool Gifts For Relaxing With Family And Friends

    Need a gift to celebrate summer, bring along to an outdoor event or party, but not sure about what to give?

    At Heartwarming Treasures ®, we’ve designed these refreshing gifts to make gathering outdoors with family and friends or enjoying a picnic for two on a warm summer day even more fun.

    Imagine arriving at the event with thoughtful gifts in hand, bringing extra fun to the party and giving gifts that people will remember long after the contents have been enjoyed.

    1. Hot Weather + Cold Drinks = A Cool Summer Gathering

    How cool is this gift for a hot celebration? Our Patio Party Gift Basket is packed with essentials for gathering outdoors. This gift includes a reusable silver cooler, your choice of beverages, recycled glassware, string lights and a warm throw for when the afternoon becomes evening. It’s a cool housewarming gift for sharing with family and friends or saying thank you to the hosts of the vacation rental.

    1. Grillin’ and Chillin’

    Know someone who loves to BBQ? Our Lovin' The BBQ Gift Basket is stacked with ingredients for grilling outdoors. This gift includes cedar planks, barbeque sauce, rubs, and a book of recipes to spice up the menu. It’s a sizzling gift for celebrating summer birthdays or sending to someone who loves grilling and trying new flavors.

    What’s a BBQ without beverages? Add a six pack of Northwest microbrews packed in a reusable wooden caddy with our This Brew’s For You gift.

    1. Together Is a Wonderful Place to Be

    Life is better when we’re together. These picnic gift baskets are packed with food and essentials for eating outdoors. Choose from our wicker Picnic Gift Basket with serving plates and utensils or our Gourmet Getaway for Two wrapped in a reusable neoprene bag. They’re both romantic gifts for celebrating weddings or anniversaries, picnics in the park and lunches on-the-go.

    We hope these gift ideas help you enjoy your gatherings with friends and family! If you’d like more ideas on outdoor gift ideas for the summer, click here

    Surprise and Delight! 5 Tips for Giving Great Gifts

    Surprise and Delight! 5 Tips for Giving Great Gifts

    Since Valentine’s Day is considered a romantic holiday, we're often asked, "Is it okay to send gifts to my clients, employees and referral partners?"

    In business, it's considered best practice to surprise and delight others by sending gifts when they least expect it, so why not Valentine's Day? Wouldn't everyone benefit from receiving a kind note or gift?

     At the heart of every company are people who encourage and entrust us with their business. Taking time to recognize and appreciate their contribution strengthens the connection.

     So, our answer is 100% YES. While most people think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for sending personal gifts, we see the holiday as an opportunity for businesses to care for their clients, employees and referral partners and show them a little extra love and attention.

    At Heartwarming Treasures®, it's our goal to build trust between people by delivering gifts that encourage repeat business. Delighted clients and employees are more likely to tell their friends about you and your business.

     Here are five tips to make your gifts more delightful.

    • Surprise people with gifts when they least expect it
    • Give gifts that highlight hobbies, interests or activities
    • Add a personal note
    • Deliver your gift in person, when possible
    • Stand out by giving gifts that are unique and creative

    Looking for gift ideas that are unique and creative? Show your appreciation by giving one-of-a-kind gifts from Heartwarming Treasures that highlight the experience they've had working with you and your company.

    A Prescription For Kindness

    A Prescription For Kindness

    "Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend" ~ Marian Anderson

    When we give the gift of friendship, we share new experiences together. This week, we’re inspired by this story of caring from one of our customers.

    The story begins with the doctor assisting a patient with a very difficult pregnancy. The patient had been in much pain and after seeking many ways to find relief, found comfort in working with the doctor. The doctor discovered the cause of the pain and helped the patient give birth to a new baby girl.

    Delighted that everything had gone well and hoping to surprise her patient, the doctor ordered a special gift to welcome the new baby. The gift from Heartwarming Treasures was delivered with a handwritten note from the doctor. The patient appreciated the doctor’s thoughtfulness and loved the gift.

    Which is where you might think this happy story ends…

    Imagine the doctor’s surprise when the next time the patient visited the office with her new baby girl. She was carrying her daughter and a box of warm home baked cookies for the doctor. The sweet aroma filled the office. It was her thank you gift back to the doctor for her kindness and the baby gift she received.

    At Heartwarming Treasures, we can’t promise that every time you order a gift that someone will bake homemade cookies, but can promise that no matter the occasion, every gift will be wrapped with such care and heart that everyone will be delighted.



    The Gift Hit A Home Run...

    The Gift Hit A Home Run...

    As we consider how many days have been made brighter by unexpected kindness, we’re inspired by this story from one of our customers.

    Jeff knew his niece Caroline was feeling lonely in the hospital. He had talked to her on the phone and tried to calm her anxiety about her upcoming surgery. He also knew with his own health restrictions that he would be unable to visit, so he decided to send her a little cheer.

    Fortunately, Jeff called us, Heartwarming Treasures®, a Seattle-based gift company near where Caroline was staying in the hospital. Jeff described a few of his niece’s favorite foods, her favorite baseball team that she had been watching on TV and other items that would bring her comfort.

    When the gift was delivered, Caroline was surprised and delighted to see a basket with her favorite team sports swag and snacks for the game. She immediately called Jeff and the two began sharing the joy of opening the gift together on the phone. Jeff said he felt “he was there with her” as each item was appreciated by Caroline. She texted him photos of the warm throw, the small wood bat and soft ball, the baseball cap and all of the snacks.

    After the call with Caroline, Jeff called us to share this story of how our gift hit a home run!