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    Every Woman's Success Should Be An Inspiration To Another

    Every Woman's Success Should Be An Inspiration To Another

    “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on” ~ Serena Williams

    Stories of success come from many places, yet share the common bond of strength in resilience and adversity.

    We’re stronger in community than we are alone. Surrounding ourselves in a community of people who love and support our work inspires us to work for the success of others.

    Today on International Women’s Day, we’re inspired by uplifting stories of courageous women arming themselves for war while caring for loved ones at home to women rising from poverty by crafting handmade gifts to share with the world.

    For us, it’s the human experience that unites us globally and locally.

    When We Lift Each Other Up, We All Rise...

    When We Lift Each Other Up, We All Rise...

    "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." ~ Booker T Washington

    When we lift each other up, we all rise. As a business, we succeed when we all thrive. 

    Creating a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated benefits everyone. It improves morale and makes people feel vested in the overall success of the company.

    This week, we’re inspired by the story of a company who wanted to make their online team meeting feel as connected as if they were meeting in person. Before the meeting, the manager ordered several individual care packages to be delivered to each team member’s home. The packages included a request to not open the gifts until the meeting.

    When the team gathered for the weekly meeting, it was more than business as usual. Team members opened the gifts together and were able to see the delight in each other’s faces.

    “It was if we were together in person” they said.

    The gifts contained a variety of snack items and a soft throw which some members wrapped around their shoulders to bring a little warmth to a chilly day. After the meeting, the team felt more connected with one another and valued and appreciated by the company.

    52 Gifts of Love and Kindness

    52 Gifts of Love and Kindness

    "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving" ~ Mother Teresa

    52 Gifts of Love and Kindness

    As Valentine’s Day approaches and our thoughts turn to the holiday that celebrates love, we are reminded of the people that make our day and year even more special. This post begins a series of 52 Gifts (one for every week) which celebrate the love and kindness we give and receive from others.

    We all know someone who cares. It’s everyone from our friends and family to people who deliver essentials and care for our community. We need only look for ways to show a little love and appreciation in return.

    How will you express your love or be kind to others this year?

    Growing Your Business With Gratitude

    Growing Your Business With Gratitude

    Part 4 of 4 – Surprise and Delight All Year Long

    Now that we’ve got some great ideas for thoughtful gifts, let’s discuss ways to surprise and delight our customers throughout the year. It’s everything from the first meeting to saying, “thank you” after a sale to celebrating important milestones and occasions in between.

     Successful gift giving is consistent, timely and as individual as you and your brand.

    Set your business apart by including small perks and extras to make your customers interaction with your company one they’ll remember.  Delighting customers with unexpected gifts builds customer loyalty, increases referrals and repeat business.

    Knowledge and expertise are only part of the customer experience. Businesses are expected to exceed expectations and strive to be the best in their profession and earn five stars along the way. Gift giving enhances that experience and keeps your company top of mind. Thoughtful businesses look for times to give business gifts when their customers least expect it and delight them with a small client gift or token of gratitude.

    It’s everything from stopping by to say, “hi” when meeting someone new to saying “nice to meet you” after the first meeting or “thanks for the referral” to a trusted partner or vendor.

    People love working with businesses they trust and share their values.  Giving a “welcome to our company” or “we appreciate your business” gift after the sale keeps your business top of mind of companies they want to work with. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and remember you the next time they or someone they know needs your products or services.    

    As gift experts we’ve seen our client gifts be successful for businesses and professionals that partner with us for gift giving. We’ve had many success stories and the following is a real-life example. A  local plumbing company partnered with us to send thank you gifts to their clients for their referrals. One of the clients who received a gift from the plumbing company called back to say thank you for the gift, while at the same time referring a new job to the plumbing company worth thousands of dollars. The investment the plumbing company made in business gifts generated customer satisfaction, as well as a high ROI in terms of new business generated.

    Each day brings new opportunities to surprise and delight customers in unexpected ways. In our next blog series, we’ll explore ways to delight your customers throughout the year and share stories of how other professionals have delighted their clients with custom gifts from Heartwarming Treasures ®.

    Growing Your Business With Gratitude

    Growing Your Business With Gratitude

    Part 3 of 4 – Making Gift Giving Memorable: Hint: It’s all about “them”

    Now that we know a few things about our customers, it’s time create a memorable gift. A memorable gift is as individual as the person receiving it. A memorable gift is thoughtful of all of the small details we’ve learned about someone wrapped together to create the perfect gift. 

    People love receiving gifts and making gift giving thoughtful shows you appreciate them for the work they’ve done for you and your company to make it a success. The gift should personally express your gratitude and include a personal note with words of celebration, encouragement or appreciation. When you order a gift from the Heartwarming Treasures website, you can include a personal note in the “Special instructions to Seller” section of your online shopping cart.

    Also, remembering that they love champagne and chocolate and including items that are unique to them in your gift makes them feel even more special. So why not send Cheers To Your Success or sincere Congratulations to celebrate their anniversary, milestone or achievement?

    Thoughtful gifts made just for the individual say so much more than “thank you”. Thoughtful gifts say, “I appreciate YOU for all of the amazing things you do and truly value YOU” which strengthens the relationship for the long term. They’ll remember your gift and think of you the next time they or someone they know needs your products or services.

    Looking for thoughtful gifts to delight your customers? Visit this link to view 29 gifts to make the Occasion Unforgettable or ask us to create a custom gift designed with “them” in mind.

    In the next post, we’ll discuss when to surprise and delight and include a list of holidays and occasions